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DJAG66ZJ2QHTTP crash when deleting calendar entry in iNotes.
VSEN6CZMEUThis fix sets the CID for an inline image in a plain text message.
ASUH6L8HY5Added continuous a click navigation arrow on datepicker, when using Firefox.
CXDI6JM5XKFixed a problem where the 'p' character was confused with F1, when using Mozilla/Firefox on "goto" view window.
CIME6K9GZMAdded comment tag to not send contents in it to the client for performance issue.
CXDI6HP6WXNamepicker on "resend" window did not allow the user to pick multiple names for the recipients field. This problem has been fixed and was a...
ASUH6MAFG4With this fix, a timeout handler was added for submitting forms. This was applied to the mail edit form, mail phone message edit form, appointment...
DJAG6K9JAGWhen attempting to send an encrypted message to a recipient who doesn't have an available public key, the Mail Encryption Failure dialog was...
LORN6LLMP9Fixed an HTTP crash when re-sending a delivery failure report from Domino Web Access. This problem occurs with the particular delivery failure...
DWHR6JLMTZFixed a problem where mail messages which contained a stored form were not shown completely.
BRON6KSLFYFix to support an invalid ApptUNID field sent from the Microsoft Exchange connector.
FTRI5VDFQCWorkaround for Microsoft Internet Explorer problems with XML islands, resulting in "Error encountered retrieving data" errors.
DYHG6K4AA7Fixed a problem where "plain text" was still checked in the format menu, even after switching from plain to "rich text". This regression was...
DYHG6HR8YYFixed code for retrieving a value from the Domain name input field.
DJAG6LSQAMPrior to this fix, a user could not parse an RFC822 formatted sender address correctly, to construct a fullname for searching duplicate entries in...
DJAG6L8HV4For this issue, the Welcome Page settings were set to display the users inbox. Normally, when opening a message and using the navigation arrows to...
CXDI6HL95NWhen a user creates a new E-Mail group, if some members have alternate names and others do not, the new group cannot be saved. There is a message...
RAGG6HGQ97Fixed scroll bars in mail folder, name picker, etc. to work on Mac OS X.
CXDI6HRBL7The icon from "check name" was not displayed on the add/remove invitee tab. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in...


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